Instructions - How to attach your Bow Critter.

Step 1: PeelFirst, peel off and discard the protective paper.

Step 2: Insert and loop rubber bandNext, insert the rubber band through the hole in the Bow Critter bowing guide and loop the rubber band through itself. (Kids!  That kind of knot is called a "Lark's Head". Do you think your dad will be surprised that you know that?)

Step 3: for 1/8 and smaller, shorten rubber band with knotFor 1/8 and smaller size instruments, you will need to shorten the rubber band a little bit by tying a knot in the end.

step 4: insert cushionInsert the cushion into the notches.

step 5: pass band under stringsPlace your Bow Critter bowing guide against the left side of the violin.  Carefully pass the rubber band under the strings and around the back of the instrument.

step 6: hookFinally, hook the rubber band to the bottom of your Bow Critter bowing guide.

Now you're ready to play with your bow on the highway!