All Bow Critters are made with transparent colors. They are easy to see through so that the student's view of the teacher and of their left hand is not obstructed.

It's very difficult to capture these transparent colors so that they display well on a web page, and all monitors are slightly different as well. We have made our best effort to convey the colors accurately. Please note that your actual Bow Critter may not appear to be exactly the same color that you see on this web page.

dark blue color swatchDark Blue

light blue color swatchLight Blue

red color swatchRed

green color swatchGreen

yellow color swatchYellow

amber color swatchAmber

fluorescent blue color swatchFluorescent Blue

fluorescent red color swatchFlourescent Red. This is a fun color, but is the hardest to capture in a single color swatch. Depending on the light and background, it may appear red, orange, pink, or violet.